Cost estimates for the implementation 
of the concept
  • Cost of battery storage are currently about 500 € per KWh
  • At 30 MWh (40 foot containers), this means costs for the storage of approximately € 15 million per Roost
  • Wind plant approximately 200.000 €
  • Solar system about 50.000 €
    Buildings and other facilities about € 1.5 million
  • Total costs excluding net composite approximately € 16.75 million
    Total cost at 2400 parking spaces without network interconnection 36,96 billion €
  • The total storage capacity would thus be at 72000 MW, would the total output of 20 nuclear or coal power plants with 3500 MW corresponding power and it could be loaded simultaneously theoretically at full save 720,000 vehicles. That's more electric vehicles than the federal government currently as a target by 2020 outputs mind simultaneously, and especially without distributing-network load