Target representation for elektromobility

and the energy revolution

Energy revelotion


  • 1 million cars by 2020 ( statement of the Federal Government )
  • Now planned only 500,000 vehicles ( according to the Federal Government )
  • The promotion of hybrid vehicles by the federal government I think is a mistake , because the automobile manufacturers of innovative pressure is taken
  • Building a meaningful charging infrastructure is displaced thus further
  • According to VDA 2.8 average electric vehicles per day in Berlin Brandenburg on the road today
  • With this number , the hybrid vehicles are recognized
  • As the automotive industry does not understand as a system provider , there is currently be no change in the situation
  • Vehicles due to small numbers of expensive
  • Cells prices for batteries too high
  • For too long charging times of electric vehicles
  • Range too low and too few charging options
  • Therefore, acceptance low by the public


Energy revolution

  • Surplus production of electric energy
  • Need for energy saving is currently low
  • Future investments on the part of energy suppliers are not hot right now for financial reasons
  • So who is to carry the current risk ?
  • If there be nothing happens paid by consumers if the nuclear power plants and coal-fired plants are gone from power , through even higher energy prices