Improvement of electric transmission 
and distributing network structure and electromobility


Thomas Nitschke
Gutenbergstraße 10
DE 14776 Brandenburg an der Havel
Tel.: +493381660208
Fax: +493381282289
Facebook: Energie 2.0
Twitter: @thomas1nitschke
  • Here I want to present the real challenges for the improvement of the electric transmission networks, as well as the distribution network structure and their work together with the development of electric vehicles
  • Also would I represent not only the problems but also a solution present
  • I am for more than 10 years with the decentralisation of energy supply
  • Some of my ideas have already been implemented
  • Just considering the VW crisis we should the electric understand mobility as an opportunity and do everything for their successful implementation
  • Also, see this site also a financing concept for the implementation of the solution

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